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  • 1.  Read the article titled “The Perils and Pitfalls of Leading Change”.  Next, analyze the change that was implemented by Daniel  Oliveira.  Synthesize the change based on Kotter’s eight (8) steps for  leading change. Determine if Oliveira followed the Kotter model. Select  one (1) of the steps to assess and determine if Oliveira accomplished  this step. Why was this an important step? Comment on how following the  model may have made his change successful. 

2.   Please respond to this post.

After  reading all the steps in the Kotter’s eight steps for change I think  that one of the steps that Oliveira needed to work on was step number 5  which is removing obstacles. He should have been continuously checking  for obstacles or people who was resisting the change and tried to  implement proactive actions to remove the barriers (Management Study  Guide, 2018). Oliveira had managers who refused to follow his change and  only did the changes when he was there to personally supervise or  implement the changes himself. Once he was off working in another  department the changes stopped. If the managers would have been on board  with the changes then the employees wouldn’t have been resistant to the  changes.  When the managers resisted the change then naturally the  employees were going to follow suit. I think that Oliveira should have  given the managers consequences for not following the change and this  would have shown them that he was serious about the changes that he  wanted to implement. He should have also tried to recruit people to help  him with the changes so that the other employees would have started  doing the changes. 

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If  he would have followed every step in the model I think that he would  have been successful with the changes. He started off good by creating  an urgency I think that he fell short on a couple of the steps such as  steep 2 which is forming a powerful guiding coalition. He needed someone  to help him enforce the changes.  He also needed to follow step 5 and 6  which was to remove obstacles and creating short-term wins. Once of the  disadvantages of the Kotter model is that skipping even a single step  could result in serious problems (Management Study Guide, 2018) and in  my opinion he skipped too many steps for it to succeed. If he would of  followed the model I believe that he would have been able to cut back on  the resistance and gotten everyone to do what he wanted to them to do  and the employees probably would of seen a difference with the changes  and when he introduced more changes they would have been happy to follow  along. 

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