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n the next module you will be writing a laboratory report on ice cream. For this discussion question, we are going to perform that lab and collect data that we will share with our peers. Please read through the attached document before getting started this week.

By 10:30 pm on Thursday:

Pick an ice cream brand at the store that you want to buy in vanilla flavor (so that it can be directly compared to your peers’ choices and your homemade ice cream). The subject line in this post should include the brand of ice cream that you purchased to help your peers find the information that they need quickly while writing their reports next week.

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Likely you are selecting a particular brand because you like it. Tell your classmates why you like that particular brand. Is it the richness of the flavor? The texture? If you see that many of your classmates are picking the same brand, it may be helpful to select something different to add some variety. Feel free to go for the store brand if you like it better than a national brand!

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