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  • Project Management

    He/she need just rating

    profileSorry for the misunderstanding that might have occurred. Looking forward to create a better working relationship.
  • operation research

    never never never trust her!!! one start is way too much than she actually deserve

    profileSorry for the misunderstanding that might have occurred. Looking to create a better working relationship.
  • NEED ESSAY in 8 hours!!! 0200 EST
    profileThank you.
  • paraphrase
    profileIt was a pleasure working together with you. Looking forward to helping you in many more assignments
  • only for Lady Hawkins …please thanks

    19. Which one of the following statements about the responsibilities of medical billers and coders is
    A. They use three code sets: ICD, CPT, and HCPCS.
    B. They play a minor role in health care reimbursement.
    End of exam
    C. They create documentation required for reimbursement from only third-party payers.
    D. They should not examine patient records.

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  • Assignment: Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice

    Absolutely horrible. If someone is going to pay you to do something, put in quality work.

    profileThis is another totur trying to destroy my reputation with my clients. Your plans shall not prosper

    Paper was well written and plagiarism free…although I did have to ask the writer to go back and complete the assignment correctly and they changed the topic from what was originally agreed upon without first discussing it with me.

  • cyber security
  • Use online sources to learn/review the theories of covalent bonding. Remember to cite your sources in APA style

    I can`t believe my eyes that half of what you wrote is plagiarism. The same exact words are from a previous homework that my professor posted as an example. And of course you could not cited because it was not your work. I am sick and tired of this website. I need my money back.

  • weapons of mass destruction

    good work

  • Need by Friday at 6 PM EST
    profileAlways a pleasure..
  • Journal Entry: From Margin to Center- Perspective of American Minority Male

    As I indicated in a handshake,this writer/tuter has great potential. I worked with her past. Review my pay history and comments. however, this paper was a day late, and not up to her potential and other previous writing. I still suggest would suggest to give her service a try. I advice if you do use her do so well away from your actual deadline.

    here is the final grade and comments on this answer

    GRADE: C
    You make some good points in your journal about oppression and privilege. There are

    profilei am still a 5 star tutor…one drop of blood in the ocean doesnt tarnish the whole ocean. Don’t have a bad perception of me.
  • Operations Managment

    Awesome job and so quick.

    Thank you

    profileThank you and Welcome again
  • I have an essay that in MAL format and I want to change it to MAL outline format. I have explanation for it

    She did not do exactly work. Also, she not do in the time, and she did not answer me after my payment.

  • Finance homework

    Homework done after the deadline with only half of the questions were answered.
    Didn’t even finish my homework and most of the answers are wrong.

    profileWhere is my bonus please. You promised but did not give me ample time to finish. Working under Pressure is bad
  • Rhetorical Analysis

    100% plagiarized, said she sent the wrong file so I do not know how the “actual” work was.

    profileTHE BIBLE SAYS,”Worry Not My Child, For Even in the Toughest of Times, I will be with you”.
    These are trying times For me.. I see Canaan
  • Asking for help with redis and mango homework

    Task 6. Query your data from both databases.
    Task 7. Query aggregate data for a query of this type. Find me Audis that are under 50,000 miles being sold by a dealer in State College for under $20,000 on both queries. Feel free to change “Audis” to whatever car makes are in your database. Perform the query for one car make in your database and for one car make not in your database.

  • The Aging Process


  • For Lady Hawkins only
  • 4 Discussion Posts 250 – 300 words each

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