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Attached is the full text of the Consent Decree between the United States and the Baltimore Police Department.  It is a lengthy document.  Start by reading pages 1-3, and then pick a roman numeral to read (III-XIII, or 3-13).  You will describe that section of the Consent Decree for your written assignment in this Module.

For your own edification, there is an independent monitoring body for the Decree.  The website from that agency for the Decree can be found here:

Begin by reviewing the introduction and one of the sections of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) Consent Decree, either (1) Community Policing and Engagement, (2) Stops, Searches, Arrests…, (3) Impartial Policing, (4) Responding to People…in Crisis, (5) Use of Force, (6) Interactions with Youth, (7) Transportation of People in Custody, (8) First Amendment Protected…, (9) Handling of Reports of Sexual Assault, (10) Technology, OR (11) Supervision.

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Start your post by describing what a Consent Decree is, and the origins of the one that occurred between the U.S. and the BPD.  Next, describe the section that you reviewed, detailing what is required by the BPD, some of the rationale (why are these specific things being asked for) and then finish up by outlining what you can find about the progress.  You will not be able to find this ancillary information for each section, but see what you can come up with for your chosen area.

Think of this discussion board as an opportunity to teach your classmates about the consent decree overall, and to educate them about the specifics of your chosen section.  Help them to understand the “why” behind this document and the directives from the government.

Your original response should be no less than 500 words. Please make sure that your grammar, punctuation, and spelling reflect a college-level submission.

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