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no direct qoutes longer then a paragph please.. thats his rule so he thinks is me doing the paper. please put it in your words not too professional like someone that knows is writting but more like a student. DUE DATE AT 9 AM TUESDAY. please see directions and EXAMPLES ON ATTACH DOCUMENT


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Peer Review and Revision

part 1

Continue drafting and revising your draft 2 paper to improve and to be submitted, also leave feedback for your classmates with general information about your draft. Explain the current state of your draft, your plans to add content, and your revision plans. If you have specific questions for the peers who will review your draft, or want to provide them with any additional information, please do so in your initial post.

  1. Attach your current draft to your initial post. This must be completed no later than Tuesday morning.
  2. Find the two peers who have posted after you in terms of time. Read their attached essays and any notes they left to. 



just answer the questions and state clearly and explain your respose. 1 paragph answer for each questions 



Each academic area of study has a particular style for documenting the ideas of other scholars. The standards of formatting document you’ve been using is from the American Psychological Association (APA). This is the preferred style in the social sciences. As you’ve noticed, there is a strong emphasis on the publication date. Why do you think there is such an emphasis on the date? As you work on revising your Course Project, what questions do you have about how to incorporate standard APA format and documentation guidelines into your essay? Are there any sources you are having a hard time documenting? Any questions about your reference entries? 


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