Law Enforcement Personnel Management

Law Enforcement Personnel Management.

With the advent of community policing, certain concerns have been expressed as to potential ethical dilemmas that community-oriented police officers may experience as a result of their having greater discretion and more public interaction than other officers within the department.

  • Revise your Week 4 Key Assignment draft based on the instructor’s and peers’ feedback.  
  • Once you have finished revising, respond to the following in 3 additional pages, and include your responses in your final Key Assignment Draft:  
    • Describe some of the unique ethical problems that community police officers can pose.  
    • Discuss how a change in police management styles can influence the police–community relationship.  
    • What types of roles do contemporary police officers find themselves in given the shift toward community policing?  
    • What services can be offered to citizens that will help improve crime prevention in a community? Explain.  
      • What best practices can you foresee as being used to implement these additional community services? Explain. 
    • Select 1 service, such as community watch, and explain how you would be able to improve it to prevent crime within a community.  
      • Be specific in your recommendation, and support your arguments with academic and scholarly resources. 

Law Enforcement Personnel Management

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