Legal challenges and shifting enforcement strategies | CRJ 626 Computer Forensics | Ashford University

 Legal Challenges and Shifting Enforcement Strategies

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 14 and 15 in the text and the Internet of Things: Finding a Way Out of the Security Nightmare (Links to an external site.) article (Ranger, 2016).

Cyber crime brings with it many interesting and critical challenges to law enforcement. Some of the most important issues surrounding debates over how to combat cyber crime center upon the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution.

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For this discussion you must select either the Fourth or Fifth Amendment for your initial post.

  • Based on the amendment you chose, discuss at least two challenges facing members of the law enforcement community as they endeavor to fight cyber crime and cyber criminals.
  • Evaluate legal issues, relevant to the amendment you chose, which can arise in efforts to prevent and detect crime.
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