Lesson 4 project | Accounting homework help


For this assignment, you will use the tools you learned from Lesson 4 to create a standard APA formatted paper.


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Open a new document and save the document as CIS105_Lesson4Project_MEID.docx.


  1. Type the following information for the Title Page of your paper:

    Document Productivity
    Your First & Last Name, MEID
    Rio Salado College

  2. Insert a Next Page Section Break after typing “Rio Salado College”.
  3. Align the text on the title page to be centered, both vertically and horizontally.
  4. On page 2, type each of the following section headings and format them using the Heading 1 Style:

    Table of Contents
    Citation & Bibliography
    Proofing a Document
    Analyzing a Document
    Tracking Changes
    Headers & Footers

  5. Under each of the titles created in Step 5, write a paragraph summarizing the topic. Make sure that the style for each paragraph is set to Normal. 
  6. Include at least one reference and one in-text citation using that reference.
  7. Insert a Page Break before the Table of Contents heading. This should move your content to page 3.
  8. At the top of page 2, insert a Table of Contents.
  9. Make any necessary adjustments to your page breaks. Page 1 should be your Title Page. Page 2 should be your Table of Contents. The body of your paper should begin on Page 3.
  10. Insert a table under the paragraph in the Tables heading.
    1. Include 4 rows and 4 columns.
    2. Table spacing should be height 0.2 and width 1.0.
    3. Apply Table Theme Grid Table 6 Colorful – Accent 1.
    4. Center the table in the document.
    5. Enter the following topics to the top row:
      1. Week 
      2. Topic
      3. Assignment
    6. Add a row to the bottom of the table.
    7. Enter the following in the first column:
      1. 1
      2. 2
      3. 3
      4. 4
    8. Delete the last column.
    9. Resize the center column to Width 3.5.
    10. Enter the following in the Topic column:
      1. Network, Internet, and Computer Technology
      2. Operating Systems and Software
      3. Introduction to Microsoft Word
      4. Document Productivity
    11. Enter your assignment scores in the Assignment column.
  11. Insert a header that starts on page 2 of your document. Include the following information in the header:

    Document Title
    Your first and last name
    Your MEID
    A date that shows the month, day, year

  12. Align the header text to the left.
  13. Insert a footer that starts on page 2. Include the following information in your footer:
    1. Page Number (please note, you should be using the auto page number tool and not manually entering in the page number)
  14. Align the footer text to the center.
  15. Highlight the Tracking Changes heading and insert a comment for your instructor.
  16. Proof your document for errors.
  17. Check the Accessibility of your document. Fix any errors that are found in the document.
  18. At the end of the document, insert a Page Break.
  19. At the top of the last page, type References. Align the text to the center and format it using the Heading 1 Style.
  20. Insert your references in APA format. Align the text to the left and set a hanging indent for the references.
  21. Format the entire document using these settings:
    1. Double-Spaced
    2. Times New Roman font
    3. Font Size 12
  22. Update the Table of Contents to ensure that all headings are included and all page numbers are correct.
  23. Submit your assignment following the instructions in the lesson.
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