Libertarian & conservative would approach developing the US budget

Libertarian & conservative would approach developing the US budget.

How a libertarian and conservative would approach developing the US budget

Although the conservatives and the libertarians agree upon economic issues and free trade, they have striking differences. Despite these differences, both the conservatives and the libertarians agree on taxes, welfare state issues, and immigration. To come up with a balanced budget the conservatives and the libertarians must recognize the federal revenue maxima, and rank the order of the federal government spending priorities. For instance, the U.S Public Debt Service. After the priorities are set in order allocation of enough money to each until there is no money left is done. To succeed in developing a budget for the U.S the conservative and the libertarian must come up with an approach where both parties can set aside their different ideologies and policies and focus on a common good. (Magstadt, 2017)
Balancing the budget is always seen as a difficult act when usually it’s a quite simple process. Most politicians and fiscal conservatives often ten to think that balancing the budget is either very difficult or impossible. Politicians who can be said to be ambitious propose a multiyear path to balance to achieve a balanced budget which would take approximately ten years to reach a balance. (Bartlett, 2007). The reality of the matter is, balancing a budget is easy. The libertarians and the conservatives would share ideas and debate on the pro and cons of the various ideas presented to come up with a final balanced budget proposal. A list of all ideas is then grouped based on revenue increase, spending cuts, reforms. These ideas must have a reputable source for saving the budget or had provided the calculations. To come up with a budget, all the proposals are voted to come up with the best-balanced budget which is handed in for approval.

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Libertarian & conservative would approach developing the US budget

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