Listening journal:Delta Blues (1930s)

Listening journal:Delta Blues (1930s).

Use the internet to search for a reliable source that meets the description of this LJ (Listening Journal). LJ 1 is about Delta Blues that was recorded in the 1930s. You may choose whatever song interests you, but it must follow the specific style assigned per each LJ. To be sure about your selection, double and triple check (using the web or your textbook) the publication date of the recording before you complete the assignment.

To complete the assignment, begin by listing the artist or band (2 pts), the song title in quotation marks (2pts), the album (list if available; music in first half of 20th-century frequently was released without emphasis on a larger album) in italicized font (2 pts) and a viable link to the recording (2 pts); use at least five engaging, descriptive sentences to discuss your response (6 pts).

As you write, consider the following questions and make other observations about the music and your mood: What is the overall affect of the music? What types of vocals (male, female, solo, group, mixed, Gospel-oriented, Country-oriented)? What are the lyrics about and what do they convey? How do you respond to them? Do you like this type of music or not? Is there anything particularly unique or outstanding about the music to you? 250-300 words

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Listening journal:Delta Blues (1930s)

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