M4 Cover Letter, Resume

Review the “Salary Negotiation” handout(Attached)and make note of any questions you have. Research salary web sites such as glassdoor.com and payscale.com and determine what type of job you will seek and what the salary range is. Review the resources for cover letter writing and resume writing. Do research on-line and determine 3-5 jobs you would like to apply for, Compile a list of those jobs. Write a forum post describing your search and what you feel confident about and what questions you still have. If you plan on staying within your company, but moving into a different role, look for comparable positions, and write the cover letter as though you were applying for a promotion. In addition, include the background about how you have determined your worth and how you plan to negotiate for this.

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From your research, pick your first choice of job/company to apply to(College Or University). Create a persuasive cover letter and targeted resume for that job(Athletic Training). Make sure you include your internship on your resume under professional Experience. If there is a request for a salary range in the job posting, include how you would word that in your cover letter. Upload the job posting (a link is fine), the cover letter and resume.

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