Management. There  are two main questions to analyze. Use the concepts reviewed in the  first part of the class to answer the questions, i.e., management  theories, controlling strategies, management of teams among other  definitions, or include thoughts from any work experience you may have.

Please  pay special attention to the format of your report. Make sure that it  is not just the body with your answers. Include information relevant to  your document that makes it easy to review. For example, do not forget  to put a main title, your name, date the document is submitted, numbered  pages, and any other relevant information. For example, numbered pages  would help making reference to an idea you wrote. Also, please use the  APA format for any citation you make to support your answers or  comments. There is no minimum nor maximum answer length as long as you  feel you got all covered. I will grade the way you organize your paper.

For  your answers, use examples of the cases mentioned in the Groysberg  & Connolly article (2013), uploaded in Blackboard, and make  reference to them.

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Groysberg, B. & Connolly, K. (2013, September). Twenty-four CEOs on creating diverse and inclusive organizations. Harvard Business Review, 69-76.

Extra bonus point questions for Exam 1

  1. Diversity (15 points).

Today,  more than ever, a company’s workforce develops in a multi-diverse  environment. This is done in the aim of getting competitive advantage  over other companies in terms of differentiation or innovation. (a) How  will you define diversity at work? (b) What are the benefits and  challenges of diversity in a work setting? (c) How do you manage  diversity in the workplace in terms of communication, teamwork, beliefs?  (d) What kind of management (example: bureaucratic, administrative,  human resources, others) do you recommend for a company that is  predominantly diverse like those that have factories in one country and  representative offices in another, and why? (e) What kind of controlling  management could be mostly exercised when there is a multicultural  workplace?

  1. Minorities (15 points).

Companies  try to balance diversity in staff but it is frequent to have some  minorities and some managers belong to these groups. (a) What is your  concept of minority? (b) In your opinion, what challenges or obstacles  face managers of this kind? (c) Do you believe they could sometimes play  favoritism towards individuals of the same minority? (d) Being part of a  minority, sometimes the environment could become extremely competitive.  How could a manager succeed in an environment like this? (e) Do you  think a manager of a minority should use different strategies than a  non-minority manager, to keep workers engaged with the company?


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