Management homework – bug labs and the long tail

Step 1) Read the mini-case attached – Bug Labs and Choosing Projects


Step 2) Post ONE ORIGINAL REPLY to EVERY question posted below.

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Step 3) Post ONE reply to another student’s comment  for each question. Do you agree with your fellow student? Can you expand on their comment? (Do this by replying to your fellow student’s comment)




**** Discussions will be evaluated based on originality, depth of analysis and link to course concepts.  Comments like “I agree” do not count! *****








  1. In addition to the methods Bug Labs currently uses, what other methods would you recommend?  Why?  
  2. Did it make sense for Bug Labs to rely heavily on qualitative screening questions to make decisions?  Why or why not.

  3. Why is it difficult for Bug Labs to use NPV or IRR in its development project decisions?


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