Managing A Project Schedule

Managing A Project Schedule.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps ensure the project scope is met and provides a means for achieving accurate estimates for resources, risk, cost, and time. The WBS is a way of formalizing the project requirements. It ensures all of the requirements for project deliverables, resources, and time are addressed in one document. How these resources are managed is an important aspect of project management.

This assignment addresses a project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), scheduling techniques, over allocation of resources, and Fast Tracking a project.

Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word business paper.

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Cite at least two credible references. Wikipedia, eHow,, and the like are not acceptable academic sources.

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Avoid the use of first-person and similar verbiage.

Implement the following outline to ensure all required topics are addressed.

Include APA headings within the paper as indicated in the outline below.

  1. Introduction (no heading)
  2. Work Breakdown Structure (heading)
  3. Explain how a WBS is different from a list of project requirements
  4. Describe two types of WBS
  5. Verb-oriented WBS
  6. Noun-oriented WBS
  7. Explain why a WBS is important to managing a project
  8. Describe how a WBS contributes to the success of a project
  9. Scheduling techniques (heading)
  10. Describe the Gantt or bar chart method
  11. Describe the Critical Path method
  12. Describe the Program Evaluation and Review method
  13. Over allocation of resources (heading)
  14. Describe what over allocation of resources means
  15. Explain various methods to address overallocation of resources
  16. Fast Tracking a project (heading)
  17. Describe what Fast Tracking a project means
  18. Describe the advantages
  19. Describe the disadvantages
  20. Conclusion (heading)

Managing A Project Schedule

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