Managing People; Human Resources

Managing People; Human Resources. 3-4 pg (500-750) words APA style discussing “Raise the Age” overview and implementation. The summary should include main points relating to the chapter readings and discuss how they are applicable.

The book that will be used is Randy Paul Battaglio (2014). Public Human Resource Management: Strategies and Practices in the 21st Century. CQ Press. ISBN-13: 978-1452218236

The chapters that will be focused on will be Chapter 5: Recruitment and Selection, Chapter 6: Pay & Benefits, Chapter 7: Performance Appraisal.

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So overall, incorporating the terms in the chapters with (1) summarizes the main points of the (2) identifies the workforce policies that will create the greatest challenges in recruiting, incentivizing, and improving the performance of Raise the Age staff, and (3) provides recommendations of how the Raise the Age managers can overcome these challenges within a secured detention facility. Include soft and hards skills needed to determine whether they qualify for the position at the time of the interview.

Managing People; Human Resources

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