Many consumers pay careful attention to stated nutritional contents


1. The author’s of the article “Perceived risks of Heart Disease and Cancer Among Cigarette Smokers” expressed the concern that a majority of smokers do not view themselves as being at increased risk of heart disease or cancer. Because of this, the authors call for a public health campaign to educate smokers about the associated risks. In support of this recommendation, the authors offered the results of a study of 737 current smokers selected at random from the U.S. households with telephones. Of the 737 smokers surveyed, 295 indicated that they believe that they have a higher then average risk for cancer. Does this data suggest that the true proportion of smokers who view themselves as being at increased risk of cancer is, in fact, less than 0.5 as claimed by the authors of the paper?
p0 = pop. proportion; p = sample proportion (since I cannot type in p-hat)

2. Many consumers pay careful attention to stated nutritional contents on packaged foods when making purchases. It is therefore important that the information on the packages is accurate. The stated calorie count of a particular frozen dinner is 240. A random sample of 12 frozen dinners of the same type was selected from production and the calorie content of each one was determined. Is there significant evidence at the 5% level that the mean calorie count is higher than the stated 240 calories? The following observations are the results of the testing:
255 244 239 242 265 245 259 248 225 226 251 233

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