Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis.

ForChange is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about positive social change in communities through programs that promote healthy habits in adults and children. The founders started ForChange after the Healthy Communities program ( ended in 2012. Since then, the organization has been growing slowly and has recently started to expand its reach through some community efforts and connection to local health fairs and school-sports booster organizations. Some examples of ForChange’s programs include hosting smoking cessation classes at the senior care centers, sponsoring fitness-related after-school programs, and teaching nutrition seminars to new parents. ForChange’s board of directors wants to expand further and see the organization eventually start up new centers that can lead change efforts in other parts of the country and throughout the world. ForChange has a small administrative staff, and the programs are conducted by volunteers. ForChange’s executive director is hoping that the organization can use digital marketing to appeal to volunteer-minded, socially conscious adults between the ages of 25–39. The company leaders are a bit older, however, and feel they need some help and advice for how best to reach this demographic. They are also concerned about approaching their marketing responsibly in a way that will support the organization’s goals to promote healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy world. They also need some guidance on how best to continually evaluate the success of their efforts so that they can continue to grow, so they contact XYZ Corporation for a consultation to address these concerns.

XYZ Logo Michael Johnson

Both parties have an initial meeting to discuss the nonprofit organization’s needs and goals. After that initial discussion, your boss at XYZ, Michael Johnson, determines that there are three main ideas that ForChange needs to focus on: digital marketing, sustainability and social responsibility, and program evaluation. Michael feels that the client should have a further understanding of these topics before he can move forward with them to implement a formal plan, so he asks you to draft a three-part report to address these ideas. Michael provides you with the questions to answer and a template to fill out the report. Your task is to complete the report and present it back to Michael so that he can review and send it to the client.

To prepare for this Assignment:

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  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the work you did in Week 5 on Part 1 of this report.
  • Review the CDC Health Communities Program link in the Assignment description, if needed, for additional background information.
  • Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment.
By Day 7

Submit Part 2 and Part 3 of your report. The report is based on the following criteria:  

Part 2: Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Given ForChange’s mission to support healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy world, suggest a minimum of two socially responsible marketing strategies for the organization. How might the organization ensure that its message is carried out in alignment with those goals? (150–225 words, 2–3 paragraphs)
  • Explain why a focus on ethical marketing practices can not only help the organization succeed (and grow) but also bring about sustainable positive social change. (75–150 words, 1–2 paragraphs)
Part 3: Program Evaluation
  • What are three key performance indicators (KPIs) ForChange can use to measure the online marketing launch and three KPIs for the sustainability and social responsibility launch? Explain why each KPI would be appropriate, given ForChange’s mission. Be sure to include both financial and nonfinancial measures. (150–225 words, 2–3 paragraphs)
  • What steps are involved in the process of evaluating marketing performance? Outline control and evaluation steps for each key performance indicator you identified. (150–225 words, 2–3 paragraphs)

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

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