Marketing ( product-life cycle) | Marketing homework help

I need a 6 sildes presentation for a  PLC ( product life-cycle) analysis for “Pizza hut” which includes these stages : 1) product development / 2) introduction to the market/ 3) growth stage / 4) maturity stage / 5) decline stage ( if the product has already declined with reasons why it did decline) if the product didn’t decline then i need you to list what strategies they used to manage their product in the market and what reasons that it didn’t decline

In each stage i need you to analyze in terms of the marketing mix which are the Four p’s of marketing ( price place product promotion ) and also i need you to mention competitors and sales in each of the stages except for the product development since in this stage the product didn’t launch in the market yet

I also need you to list the REFERENCES in the last slide of the presentation

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