Marketing: Purchasing Decision Making Process – Iphone XS MAX

Think of a product that you purchased within the past 6 months

Discuss these questions relative to the purchased product. Your answers should align with how these stages are done based on the consumer decision model.

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  1. How did you recognize that you needed the product?
  2. Where or how you search for information on alternative products that would satisfy this need (product)?
  3. What alternatives did the search process generate and what variables did you use to make the final decision to buy?
  4. Where did you buy the product and why?
  5. Were you satisfied after using or consuming the product? Explain.

There are 5 categories of influences as outlined by your text: economic, psychological. social, culture and ethnicity, purchase situation. Which one(s) do you think had the greatest effect on your purchasing decision? PLEASE EXPLAIN.


The item I would like you to write about is the: Iphone Xs Max

Please, read the guideline carefully and answer the questions briefly.

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