Mat 543 week 10 homework

  MAT 543 Week 10 Homework

Chapter 15: Exercises 15-1 through 15-3 (page 314 of the text)

15-1. Using the following data set on hospital admissions, define the service area for Hospital A, based only on quantitative factors (Table 155). 

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Assume a future admission rate per 1000 of 102. Assume average length of stay of 4.7 days in 10 years. Assume a target occupancy rate of 78% in 10 years.

15-2: Compute the target bed capacity of Cheswick Community Hospital 10 years from now, based on the following information: Assume current population of Cheswick Community Hospital’s service area = 145,000 Assume projected population increase of

8% in service area over the next 10 years. 

15-3: Newgroveton is a community of 445,000. In the most recent year, there were 750 new cases of disease A in the community. Assume the expected incidence rate for disease A is 245 per 100,000 people. Was the community’s experience better or worse than expected? Explain your answer.

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