Mcdomald case

McDonalds Turnaround Based on Service & Quality

Case Summary

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1.In a narrative format discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

2.Why do you think McDonald’s lost its focus in the early 2000’s?

3.How did service, improved quality and cleanliness turn McDonald’s profits and stock price in a positive direction?

4.As CEO of McDonald’s, based on the case and your experience, how would you improve operations in McDonald’s stores in the future? Who do you see as McDonald’s biggest emerging competitor and can McDonald’s improve by looking at their management strategy?

“Company’s stock had fallen to $12 to $14 dollars per share” (Ferrell, Hirt, Ferrell, 2009). Notice the quotation marks because this is a direct quote from the case.

The correct way to reference the text in the “Reference” section of each unit’s work is as follows: Ferrell, O., Hirt, G., & Ferrell, L. (2009). Business in a Changing World. (7th ed.) pg. XX. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

When you combine all of the sections in a word count you must post a minimum of 750 words total – do not include the references in the word count. A minimum of two references required. You may use the textbook for one of the two.

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