Media has a large effect on campaigns

Media has a large effect on campaigns
Part 1: Overview
Media has a large effect on campaigns. For this assignment you will choose 2 political commercials from each of the Obama and Romney 2012 campaigns (4 total) and analyze each of them for the following:
• What do you see in the commercial? Describe images or text.
• What do you hear in the commercial? Describe voices, music, and background sound effects.
• What do you think the commercial producers want you to feel or think? What makes you say this?
• Do you think the ad is effective? Why or why not?
Please write in full sentences!
Some useful websites to find political commercials from the 2012 campaign include:
• The Living Room Candidate (Links to an external site.)
(Note: ads are not closed-captioned, but do include a transcript)
• President Obama’s YouTube Channel (Links to an external site.)
(Note: ads have auto-captioning)
• Mitt Romney’s YouTube Channel (Links to an external site.)
(Note: ads have auto-captioning)
If you need help organizing your thoughts, you are welcome to use this template, Ad Comparison Chart . You are not required to use this, however.
Part 2: Overview
In this assignment you will be asked to choose 2 of 9 major ‘swing states’ from the 2012 election and find recent statistical data on the following:
• Income
Median household income
Percentage below poverty level
(If possible, types of households & income)
• Education
Secondary & Post Secondary education
• Ethnicity/Race
Statewide Percentages of ethic groups
• Age & Gender (Voting population, by generation)
You will use this data to help you complete your memo.
Swing States
For an overview of the different swing states, please check out this article, The 9 Swing States of 2012
(Links to an external site.)
• Colorado
• Florida
• Iowa
• Nevada
• New Hampshire
• North Carolina
• Ohio
• Virginia
• Wisconsin
In writing it’s important to use statistics to support your arguments/conclusions about a subject. A helpful place to go for statistics about different states is the United States Census Bureau website. The American Fact Finder, Community Facts
(Links to an external site.)
will have a lot of current information listed by state.
Make certain to list where you have gotten your information. You can look at the example below for a Chicago Style citation of a webpage from the Census Bureau.
Sample citation:
U.S. Bureau of the Census. Poverty Areas. ONLINE. 1995. Census Bureau. Available: [10 Dec. 1995].
Part 3: Overview
Your task is to do the following:
You have been hired as a campaign consultant for ‘Candidate Smith’ to help get ready for the 2016 Presidential election. In order to advise this candidate, you will need to create an analysis of the 2012 Presidential Election and what make Obama so successful. You will be comparing the Obama and Romney media campaigns, analyzing the demographics/political structure of 2 swing states and writing your final recommendations in the form of a 2-4 page single-spaced memo to the Smith Campaign based upon your research findings.
To craft your memo, refer back to the Greenberg-Page sections How and Why People’s Political Attitudes Differ (Chapter 5) and Who Votes (Chapter 10) as well as the following information from the projects you have completed this week:
• Analysis of campaign videos
• Analysis of the statistics of the 2 swing states you chose
• Summary of the information about Obama and Romney’s media campaign from your discussion this week
• Citations in Chicago format
You can use the Standard Memo Template from Purdue University to help format your memo. Check out the OWL Parts of a Memo page
(Links to an external site.)
for more information about structuring the information in your memo. OWL also has a sample memo to give you an idea of what your memo should look like.
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