Media’s influence on society | Psychology homework help

topic: stereotyping, social media, body imaging, use of media, or gaming.


Technology is a part of society today in all areas of life. In most workplaces there is telecommuting and video conferencing, education at all levels has gone to more online curriculum, and in life, social media and general media are sources of information and support for many. In this assignment you will look at an aspect of life and how media has impacted it negatively or positively.

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  • Explain how mass society theories impact human behavior.
  • Describe how selective influence theory employs propaganda to derive positive and negative societal changes.
  • Explain how propaganda can be used to influence how change will affect mass culture.
  • Explain how body image and eating behaviors in the affiliation process are influenced by social media.
  • Analyze how media can be used for mass persuasion gains and use deductive reasoning to identify media persuasion tactics
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