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  1. Health care problem which focus on cost of medication
  2. Identify the what the government’s response to this problem

A.What has been done a term of laws, rules regulation, or programs

B. If issue was never addressed then discuss what needs to be done

C. Government response must be Reference

3 Assess the legislative and policy- making strategies that influence health care serveries. ASSESSMENT MUST BE REFERENCE ON CREDIT PAGE

4 You will propose a bill either on State or federal level, advancing your proposed change PROPOSED BILL ( MUST REFERENCE THIS SECTION ON CREDIT PAGE)

5 Advocate why these changes are important and discuss what opportunities nurses have to become involved in the design of this program. ADVOCACY MUST REFERENCE THIS SECTION ON CREDITS

6.You will discuss how the program can be implement ( MUST REFERENCE THIS SECTION ON CREDIT PAGE)7


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