MGMT311 Week 4

For this Forum, you need to refer to Chapter 8 from your text.

Required Course Textbooks:

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Nahavandi, A., Denhardt, R., Denhardt, J., & Aristigueta, M. (2015). Organizational behavior. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

After reading this week’s material, answer the following questions in the Forum (In 250 words or more):


In Text Citation in APA format

While I realize that chapter 8 was part of last weeks reading requirement, this chapter ties in with your writing assignment for the week.  Chapter 8 reviewed several  techniques for making better decisions (refer to page 255 in the text).  I would like you to choose one of these techniques, describe it thoroughly, and then provide an example of when this technique would work effectively.  You can either use an example from a decision that you have made in your past, or come up with a fictional scenario.  


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