History 146

History 146.

Midterm Exam Study Guide

Fall 2018

Professor Hawkins

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Midterm Exam

You will have the entire class period to complete your exam. A blue book (or two) will be required so please purchase one well in advance of the exam date. No make-ups permitted. Study, be prepared, and show up on time.

Identification Exercise (40%): The exam has two components. The first section is an identification exercise in which you will identify and explain the significance of 8 of the below historical figures, ideas, and movements. On exam day, you will be presented with 10 of the below terms and you will choose 8 of these 10 to identify.

–Workingmen’s Parties                                              –ecological imperialism

–Stamp Act                                                                –Alien and Sedition Acts

–Pueblo Revolt of 1680                                             –John Locke                          

–industrial morality                                                    –Kansas/Nebraska Act

–King Philip’s War                                                    –Nat Turner               

–Bacon’s Rebellion                                                    –Anthony Burns

Short Essay (60%): In the second section of the exam you will presented with two of the three questions below and select one to answer. Your essay responses will be evaluated on the use of specific detail and success in addressing the questions in their entirety.

1. Compare and contrast the French, Spanish, and English empires in the Americas. How were these empires similar and different in aims, populations, economies and labor systems, dealings with Native Americans, and successes/failures? Which empire became the most prosperous and powerful by the 18th century and why?

2. Discuss the origins and evolution of indentured servitude and slavery in the English colonies through the 18th century. Be sure to explain why these systems originated and their defining characteristics.

3. Explain how ideas about freedom and British imperial policies worked to bind together colonists in British America and spark the American Revolution? How did the Revolutionary era affect the government created in the early national period?

History 146

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