Milestone 3 organization’s response | Criminal homework help

needs to be 3-4 pages 3 references Topic is Pennsylvania State University Jerry Sandusky Child sex abuse  must include  should include an analysis of how the organization responded,
including their response to societal pressure, how effective the response was, what laws and/or policies (both internal and external) impacted the organization’s
response, and recommendations for how the organization may prepare to minimize future incidents.

A-d must be broke out and sectioned A) is Societal Pressure B) The Response, c) laws and/or policies, D) Recommendations

Organization’s Response
Next, you will examine how the organization reacted to the event or incident and evaluate the success of the response. This information will inform your
press release. Therefore, you need to:
A. Explain how the sport organization responded to societal pressure and expectations of the surrounding society related to the event or incident.
B. Evaluate the effectiveness of the sport organization’s response to the event or incident. Provide evidence to support your response.
C. Determine the specific laws and/or policies (both internal and external) that impacted how the sport organization approached resolving the
selected event or incident. Provide examples to support your response.
D. Formulate recommendations for how the sport organization can prepare itself internally to avoid future incidents or for when society shifts its
expectations of the organization

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