Military-civil Support Role Of EMAC In Disaster Recovery Presentation

PowerPoint Project: Understanding Military-Civil Support

Review articles placed in Course documents related to EMAC and Stafford Act. Use this information along with the Content column to assist in preparing your presentation in Week 5.

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This presentation should total 5-10 minutes, and is an individual presentation. Find one key point of the information and expand upon it in your presentation.



I will try to clear up any confusion you may have regarding this week’s assignment.

This should be a PowerPoint presentation regarding either EMAC or Stafford Act as it relates to your readings on military-civil support. This is an individual assignment.

Your assignment should be accompanied with either audio dialogue or a written script. Please cite references, but does not need to be embedded in your presentation; a separate slide would be fine.

Submit your assignment via Blackboard.

The Week 8 presentation/assignment is focused on NGO’s.

If there are any questions, please contact me. I would like you to submit quality work rather than feel rushed or confused.


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