Modern Concepts Assignment

Modern Concepts Assignment.

1.Thinking about the nature of the performance problem or opportunity you have identified, address the following questions:

a. What is the nature of the problem you have selected for further exploration? Why is this an important problem or business opportunity? What are the consequences of ignoring this problem or opportunity? What might be gained by successfully addressing the problem or opportunity?

b. Why do you think this problem exists? (Or why do you think others have not acted on the opportunity?) Are managers unaware of the problem or do they simply not know how to deal with the problem/opportunity? What other organizational dynamics have kept this problem/opportunity from being successfully addressed?

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c. Who are some of the key stakeholders who are impacted by the problem? What are these impacts?

d. Reflect on whether this problem might serve as the basis of a capstone project (See PLANS Depot). Could your research on this problem be useful in your career development? Does your idea involve multiple functional areas so that other MBA courses might apply? Would this problem hold your interest over the course of the MBA culminating in the capstone project?

Must be at 800 words-900 words total (a-d)

2. Essay: Approx. 500 words

What do you believe are the most difficult aspects of any planned change effort? Why are these elements of the process typically problematic? What can leaders and managers do the help successfully mitigate such problems? Be specific and use examples.

Modern Concepts Assignment

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