Modular design technique visual studio project

Modular Design Techniques

The purpose of this assignment to confirm that repetition structures can be used within Visual Basic programs.

Build an application that has the following requirements.
Prompts the user to enter a number within an Input Box
Reads in the value entered by the user
Ensures that only positive values or the control string “**” is entered. If neither of these are entered the user will be prompted that an input error has occurred.
Each value entered is stored into a variable called varTotal.
The program will continue to execute provided that vatTotal is less than 50 or the string “**” is entered by the user to exit the program.
When varTotal is greater than or equal to 50 or the control string “**” is entered, the program will display the following in two labels.
Value stored in the Total variable
The number of times the user entered data into the Input Box
Ensure that proper naming convention is used for all objects (forms, buttons, etc.)
Capture a screenshot of the following and include in a Word document entitled “Week 4 – Assignment”.
The form in design mode showing the Properties window
The form in run mode with the final values in the two label objects displayed when the program execution is terminated by either control condition (varTotal >=50 or the character string “**” entered by the user.)
Source code for each form that shows all subroutines
Submit the assignment in the assignment upload area.

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