Module 03 Course Project – Marketing Product/Price/Place

Module 03 Course Project – Marketing Product/Price/Place.

You are a marketing specialist reporting directly to the Director of Marketing. One of your top competitors has recently begun stealing market share from your brand. Unless your team comes up with a successful defensive marketing plan, this competitor will overtake your brand’s market position within six months.

For this assignment, you will develop a marketing plan to effectively address the competitive threat. You will choose a real-life company and product, as well as a competitive company and product, to use in the course project assignments.

Module 3 Project Assignment: For this project, create a business report to be shared with your manager that addresses the following:

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  1. Provide your recommendations for product (features/benefits), price, and distribution strategies.
  2. Discuss how your brand can differentiate itself by creating customer value throughout the entire customer experience.
  3. Propose international growth opportunities to grow global market share (based on research on specific international markets) and discuss the key factors your brand must consider before expanding globally.

Module 03 Course Project – Marketing Product/Price/Place

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