Module 3 – SLP

Module 3 – SLP.


Presenting the Project

Presenting to financers, your management team, client, or work group is a skill that professionals need to master. Multimedia presentations are the norm today.

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The project is nearing completion. This is your opportunity to let stakeholders know how they will benefit from the project. Be persuasive and professional. Keep in mind you did not work on this project alone. Good leaders share the credit with their teams.

Presentation Script

  • Create a script to accompany the presentation. It should be persuasive and targeted to the group chosen for this presentation. It can be written in a conversational style but since you are engaging in research, cite in the script and add a reference list in APA format.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • Create a professional PowerPoint. You will be assessed on the design of the presentation (including colors, backgrounds, professionalism, font, graphics). Optional content: Sound, videos, animation.
  • Wording on slides should be bullet points or short overviews of what you will discuss when each slide is shown. You want your audience to pay attention to you and not read along on the slide.

SLP Assignment Expectations

This part of the SLP should be at least 15 slides.

Two files will need to be uploaded.

  1. SCRIPT: A Word document using the template PRM301 SLP3 Script.
  2. POWERPOINT Presentation

Module 3 – SLP

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