Module 7Med SurgeWritten Course project

Module 7Med SurgeWritten Course project. Your paper for the course project should be a 2.5-3 page APA paper (not including title page, Intext citation, and the reference page) that describes the clinical problem and the following: Get information from 3 peer review article, from date not more than 3 years old:State your PICOT and why it was chosen. Do not explain what PICOT is. Criteria: Identify the reason for choosing the topic, Outlines the PICOT question. Utilize three or more peer reviewed articles that have been written within the past three years. Examine method for possible integration of evidence found in clinical practice. Evaluate the effectiveness of implementation methods written assignment for the course project is 2.5-3pages. APA paper not including tittle page and reference page.

Discuss the evidence found in each resource

Discuss how you will implement that evidence into practice

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Discuss how you will evaluate the effectiveness of that implementation.

Module 7Med SurgeWritten Course project

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