My Topic is (Domestic Violence Against Women)

My Topic is (Domestic Violence Against Women). The literature review is the part of the research report in which researchers evaluate the methods and findings of existing research related to that topic, determine what is already known about the topic and how what is known relates to what they are interested in, find support for their chosen methodologies and/or find ideas for drafting a methodology, and identify gaps in the literature that suggest that the research being conducted by the researcher will forever advance the knowledge in the field.

To prepare your literature review, you need to complete the following tasks:

1) Use online Library to find at least five peer review scholarly sources that are related to your topic. The sources should be no more than five years old. You are allowed to use the same five sources that you identified in the Unit II assignment, Part 1A.

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a) When using an Online Library there are various databases that allow you to check a box that says you only want “peer-reviewed” sources. You will need to make sure you check this box to ensure that the sources you identify for your literature review are scholarly peer-reviewed sources.

b) If there is no research available on your topic, contact your instructor about how you should proceed in finding research for your literature review.

2) Begin your literature review with a very brief discussion of your research topic and related questions and/or hypothesis.

3) Briefly summarize a) research focus, b) research methodology, and c) key findings of the scholarly sources that you identified for use in your literature review.

4) Critically evaluate the findings of each study in relation to your research topic, questions, and/or hypothesis. This can include comparing and contrasting each study’s findings, a discussion of the weaknesses of the study’s methodologies, and identification of the needs for future study as a result of the study’s findings. The critical evaluation of the studies in relation to your research topic, questions, and/or hypothesis can either come at the end of each summary of the scholarly sources or it can come at the end of the literature review after all of the summaries of the scholarly sources have been provided. Note: The main purpose of the literature review is to:

a. discuss the available research related to your topic and

b. identify how that research relates to your topic and informs the methodology that you will use to conduct your study. Both of these elements must be present in the literature review. Thus, while you are not required to provide your research methodology in this assignment, the literature review should allow for an easy transition into your research methodology that you will present in Part 3 of the research report.

5) Cite all your sources in APA format, both in-text and in the reference list.

6) Ensure the assignment is a minimum of two double-spaced pages.

My Topic is (Domestic Violence Against Women)

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