Ncdcdee regulatory assignment #6 | Education homework help


DCDEE Website:  Child Maltreatment-50 points

Go to this link:

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Read the information on that page.

  1.  Define child maltreatment then list 4 examples of issues of child maltreatment that parents may report.
  2. List 3 things that the Division of Child Development and Early Education does not have authority over.
  3. Define Serious Injury and give five examples.
  4. What is the total number of serious injuries and fatalities that  occurred in licensed child care facilities in 2020-2021? *Note, this  includes centers, homes, and religious sponsored facilities* Include a  breakdown as follows: 
  • Licensed Family Child Care Homes ___ fatalities and ___ serious injuries   
  • Licensed Child Care Centers ___ fatalities and ___ serious injuries   
  • Licensed – Exempt Religious Sponsored ___ fatalities and ___ serious injuries
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