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The managerial function of controlling should not be confused with control in the literal, behavioral, or manipulative sense. “Control” does not imply that managers should attempt to control the personalities, values, attitudes, or emotions of employees.

Instead, the control function of management concerns the manager’s role in ensuring that the goals and objectives of the organization are getting accomplished, and that the work activities of employees are consistent with and contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.

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One tool a manager has to exercise control is the Balanced Scorecard. In the article below (The Balanced Scorecard) as well as in other readings for this week, the balanced scorecard is explained.… .

Now, remember our bowling alley case from Week 6? In Week 7’s learning activity, (1) create a balanced scorecard for LCBA (including objectives, measures, and targets), (2) explain how it supports the control function of management, and (3) how it will help improve employee turnover at LCBA.

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