Now hear this: schubert – scott yoo | UNIVERSITY | Miami-Dade College 

  1) What is your first impression of the piano music played by Kenny Broberg?

2) What did you learn about romanticism in music and poetry? 

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3) How are these ideas related to our own time?

4) What did John Britton and Phillippe Sly help you understand about the music, philosophy, and poetry of Schubert?

5) What did you learn from the conversations and musical performances of Ryan McCullough and his wife?

6) How does the discussion with Matt Lipton and Mishka Momen helps us even more delve into Schubert’s life and music?

7) What did you learn about Beethoven and Schubert that is interesting and revealing?

8) You might want to close your eyes when you listen to the quartet playing Schubert. What did you feel and think while they played?

9) Explain your impressions, thoughts, and ideas gathered from this presentation and how you can relate it to the other material we have covered. 

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