Ntc 405 – week 4 – individual & team assignments

Individual: Executive Memo

You are an IT consultant in the medical industry. Recently, a major network breach occurred within a Fortune 500 medical business.

Create a 1-page Microsoft® Word memo addressed to various CEOs within your regional medical community recommending ways their organizations can provide awareness, training, and education to their employees in order to increase the cybersecurity workforce in your area. Consider that many of the medical centers in your area are challenged with cultural, staffing, and budget issues that may stagnate growth in this area.

Learning Team: Security Policy Elements

Discuss as a team why security policies are so important to an organization and what topics should be covered in a policy. Based on your discussions outcome, decide as a group those topics that should be covered in a security policy.

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Create a 2- to 3-page Microsoft® Word security policy detailing the topics your team decided should be covered in a policy. Create the policy as if you were going to use it to train the new users from the organization that was acquired (Virex). Format the completed security policy following APA guidelines.


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