Ocean Plastics

Ocean Plastics.

Ocean Plastics

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Watch the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) video Captain Charles Moore on the Seas of Plastic (7:20):

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Please answer in full sentences and cite all references in APA format:

1) It is estimated a fourth of the planet’s surface area has become an accumulator of floating plastic debris. Provide five suggestions (that a college student could easily do) that would help reduce both the volume of waste and the damage being caused by plastics.

2) It’s hard to think of plastics and other debris as having pros (we only hear of the cons), but what one benefit could be providing structure and therefore habitat for sea life. RESEARCH and post either supporting or rebuking this.

3) Freedom! That is what our country is founded on. In your opinion do bottle bills, making plastic water bottles illegal, harnessing business with laws on how they do business limit our freedom? Support your argument.

Ocean Plastics

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