One page (Getting enough rest and sleep)

One page (Getting enough rest and sleep).

write a one-page paper analyzing the following:

  1. 1)  Discuss and explain the research on the approach that you took. (For instance, explain what the scientific research says about aerobic exercise and its impact on stress management.) Be sure to cite the peer-reviewed article that you read on a Reference page at the end of the paper, using APA-style format.
  2. 2)  Next, explain why you chose this particular approach. (Explain your reasoning – low on the ladder – about why you thought this approach would be particularly useful for you personally.)
  3. 3)  Then, explain what you specifically did each day to put the approach into practice. What did you do to ensure that you stuck with the practice daily? What were the obstacles that you faced? How did you overcome them? What motivational tools did you use?
  4. 4)  Present the table with the daily log of observations and measures that you used. Explain why you used those particular measures (i.e. heart rate/pulse, mood, etc.)
  5. 5)  Explain the effect that the practice had on you personally for one week. Did you feel less stressed? Healthier? Frustrated? Irritated? Something else?
  6. 6)  Lastly, discuss what might be a more rigorous scientific test of the approaches’ impact on your ability to manage stress (and ultimately on your health). In answering this question, discuss the research strategies in psychological science in chapter 2 that are considered a rigorous test of a hypothesis.

One page (Getting enough rest and sleep)

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