One unit, in depth assignment making money, hist 1180

    1. The Assignment:
      Choose one of the first 3 units of the course. Write an essay.

      State the “thesis” of the unit as a whole as you see it. (Each unit includes 2 readings for 2 weeks, 2 lectures).

Describe the purpose of the unit; capture the gist of it in rich and clear prose.

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The rest of the assignment should do the following things, but there is no prescribed order in which you must do them. You may choose to structure your analysis by discussing part 1 (i.e. Professor Koffman’s lecture and the reading for that week), then move on to discuss part 2 (the guest lecture + reading). You may choose to discuss both lectures first, then both readings. You may choose to structure your essay around a theme or two of your choosing. In other words, the structure of your essay is in your hands. I recommend explaining the structure of your essay to your reader.

Consider the readings for the unit:

    • !  Inferthequestionthateachauthorofthereadingsoftheunitasks

      i.e. state the problem that each reading attempts to solve / explore.

    • !  Summarize the a n s w e r the author provided.

    • !  Describe the e v i d e n c e she/he uses to support her/his answer.

    • !  Makesureyouconnectthereadingsdirectlytowhatyoubelievewasthe“thesis”oftheunit.

      Consider each lecture in the unit:

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