The general structure and scope of operations involves the structural, functional, and environmental aspects that affects an organization’s decisions in achieving optimum results with the integration of its objectives and constrains.Operations management is generally concerned with the planning, organizing and supervising of an organization’s daily activities in the context of production, manufacturing and the provision of services in a way that creates optimal output from various input sources (Slack, Brandon-Jones & Johnston, 2016). It is considered as delivery-focused where necessary improvements are made by the company for higher profitability (Khanna, 2015). These changes are required to align with the organization’s strategic goals, thus making it necessary for them to be preceded by profound analysis and measurements of the current organizational operations. To determine if a company is doing well, its operation performance is measured against standards of effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental responsibility such as regulatory compliance and productivity (Slack, Brandon-Jones & Johnston, 2016). Additionally, the company’s objectives are put into consideration including areas that the company is trying to improve in a bid to meet its strategies.

            According to Khann (2015) an operational strategy includes long-range plans for the design and use of the operations function to support the overall business strategy based on the mission it has set out to ensure future organizational success. These may include short-term operations activities and decisions that are consistent with the long-term strategic intentions and their overall contribution to the company’s overall strategy and competitive advantage (Slack, Brandon-Jones & Johnston, 2016). The operational strategy can be inclusive of new products and services that focus on developing the latest knowledge in the areas of operations that require particular emphasis. This means while seeking to improve their overall performance, the idea of improving an organization’s service delivery and creating innovative products and methods to establish new paths in business performance is integral. Over the past six weeks we discussed operation management, operation performance, operation strategy, product and service innovation & the structure and scope of operation. Which of these principles can you apply at your workplace? Select one or two and provide examples.

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