Operations management in the supply chain ( the book is uploaded )


· Demonstrate the concept of operations functions, supply chain strategy and issues required for a new production design.

· Exhibit the factors to determine the production and service processes. 

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· Demonstrate process-flow analysis, process design solutions, operations strategies in the business operation.

· Exhibit effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity in making decisions, re location and layout strategies, taking cognizance of human resources and work methods/job design


Assignment Question(s): (Marks 10)

1) Describe the nature of operations management in the following organizations. In doing this:

a) Describe the operation process of the production system ( input, transformation and output). 

b) Identify operations decisions (process, quality, capacity, inventory and supply chain).

· A Plastic manufacturing 

· An external accountant office 

(Marks 8) (word count maximum:500)

2) Take a tour of the Woodart factory answer the following questions:

a) Describe the process used? (Marks 1)

b)  What alternative process can be used in Woodart factory? (Marks 1) (word count maximum: 100)

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