Organization Assessment on Risk

Organization Assessment on Risk.

Students will use or research a company (ANY COMPANY YOU LIKE) could be apple starbucks.. in which they are familiar with and detail the behavior and perception of risk, issues & opportunities. Specifically, this paper should:

(a) Describe the company’s existing perception of and behavior towards risk;

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(b) Analyze and explain the internal and external factors that have influenced and contributed to the existing risk management perception and behavior; and

(c) Describe how the firm’s perception of risk has generated and transformed into its risk management methods, techniques, and tools. Do you believe the

(d) company’s Management of risk, issues & opportunities are effective? Why or why not?

Needs to be written in a first person perspective yeah.. If you cant find certain resources, it could be from an opinion also but not too much.. So say you choose starbucks, from your point of view or in this case mine, the risk I see that they have would be losing market share to competitor like Duncin Donuts and I see that they are aware of it and constantly innovating it new product or drinks.. then you can analyze base on all the above a,b,c,d.. Hope it makes sense..Please list 3-4 risk yeah.. Let me know..

Organization Assessment on Risk

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