Organization Management

Organization Management.

Managing Change Report: develop a change management and communication strategy incorporating organisation development aims and activities, strategic planning activities, together with an integrated communication strategy.

The brief is to develop a comprehensive strategy to effectively communicate a major change in company direction. This change does involve some changes in senior management and additional staff will be inducted into the organisation.

You are to assume that the impending changes are known or feared resulting uncertainty and disruption within the workplace that may potentially affect employee morale, motivation and consequently productivity.

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The strategy should cover these basic elements:

  • Change management planning process within an organisational development model
  • Organisational activities to be engaged – team building, survey/feedback, interventions or others
  • Convergence of planning, organisational development and communication into a cohesive strategy
  • Implementation tactics to be used and why?
  • ‘Future-proofing’ to sustain change and development for the organisation.

This presentation must be in an appropriate Report format and must be fully referenced.

You should draw on scholarly material to support your response to this assignment. You should reference using either the Harvard or APA referencing system. There is an excellent guide to referencing styles available through the Griffith University library website.

You must submit a reference list with your assignment. At least six scholarly sources must be submitted.

Organization Management

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