Organizing the business | Business & Finance homework help

 Your submission should be approximately 2 pages long and use at least two credible resources. Research and review the website of the company you chose for most of this information needed below: The company’s corporate website is going to be the main source of information. You should not copy/paste any parts of your report from a website on the internet.

  • Mission Statement
    • Provide the mission statement.
    • Explain the meaning of the mission statement to the company’s employees and customers. 
  • Strategic Goals
    • Identify and describe two strategic goals you have located on the company’s website.
    • How do the strategic goals support the mission statement?
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Identify one strength for this business.
    • Identify one weakness for this business.
    • Identify one opportunity for this business.
    • Identify one threat to this business.
  • Organizational Structure
    • How is the company structured? Check out Chapter 7 in your book and use any of the descriptions from the chapter to explain how the company is structured i.e. centralization versus decentralization, span of control, tall versus flat organizational structures, and/or departmentalization. 
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize the mission, the goals, and the SWOT of the organization. 
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