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Need to read Macaulay’s “Sex Differences”,Holmes’s “Women Talk Too Much”,Tannen’s “‘I’ll Explain It to You'”,Kornheiser’s “No Detail Is Too Small for Girls”, Rachel Refalmen’s “the Party Line” and uses at least 4 of these readings as evidences(different evidences from one article can only count to be one). And use 2-3 outside sources as evidences.


The issue of gendered language( I think is talk about whether there is sex difference in language) should choose a position and the outline need to include 1)title, 2)thesis, 3)counterargument and 4)your position 5)work cited. In the 3)your points should include 3 paragraphs and each paragraph need to have at least 2 evidences whether it is from the 5 articles or the website sources.

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I need a very detail outline so can you write about 550 words? And the format is MLA. Thank you.

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