Own airline company | Management homework help

You are the manager, supervisor, director, owner, etc. in charge.

The student will start their own airline company. The body of the paper will consist if the following: 

1. Determine the vision of the company as a start-up. 

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2. What key moves did the student make to strive to be number one in the industry?  

3. What different challenges you encountered and what were some of the solutions you implemented.

The paper should have a minimum of three pages (3 written pages) in length. The introduction should provide a brief but sufficient foundation for understanding the case, its key facts and pressing issues. Students should focus their efforts in the body of the paper by providing adequate analysis based on the facts of the case. 

The case study analysis paper must contain the following sections:

1. APA style cover page.

2. Introduction.

Briefly summarize the key facts, scope and aspects of the case. 

3. Body of the paper.

4. Conclusion.

Summarize your findings and recommendation  

5. References (minimun 3)

**Remember to write the paper in third person not first person**

Attached is a screenshot of the name of the company and the main info about the company

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