page paper comparing sql and nosql database for big data.

Write a 3 page paper
Comparing SQL and NoSQL Database for Big Data.
The paper should answer the following:

1. What are the SQL and NoSQL databases. 

2. Use cases of SQL and NoSQL database. Differences of SQL and NoSQL databases.

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3. Four types of NoSQL database. Give example of each database. Use case of each type of the four NoSQL database.

4. What big data databases are used in the cloud, AWS and Azure

5. Future of big data database

Reference files Attached:
Write a paper comparing SQL and NoSQL Database for Big Data

Attached Files:

File1: 30108-ArticleText-56477-3-10-20191021.pdf 30108-ArticleText-56477-3-10-20191021.pdf – Alternative Formats (626.162 KB)

File2: Comparative Study-3401.pdf Comparative Study-3401.pdf – Alternative Formats (376.457 KB)

File3: NoSQLdatabasesforbigdata.pdf NoSQLdatabasesforbigdata.pdf – Alternative Formats (235.421 KB)

File4: sustainability-12-00634.pdf sustainability-12-00634.pdf – Alternative Formats (5.164 MB)

File4: sample-paper.pdf sample-paper.pdf – Alternative Formats (263.157 KB)

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