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2500 words, double space 

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You are free to choose a topic that relates to the course themes of gender, culture and narrative.  You MUST compare or contrast your analysis with at least one reading from the course.  If you analyze a media object such as a TV show, for this paper, you must include reader response theory in your analysis.


Here are some potential topics to choose from along with suggested texts to compare/contrast.


TOPIC CHOICES for final paper



2.   Reading the Romance/ National Texts, Gendered Lives

Describe the way gender appears in a genre of your choosing.  For this topic, you must interview at least two people about their feelings and ideas of the genre, and address how you, or others, practice the consumption of the genre.


  1. Remote Control

Compare, contrast and analyze the gender and class performances of – and the public discussion about in online comments — two professional athletes and/or celebrities.

reading contain in this link:


  1. Cultural Capital

Go to any public establishment of your choice (café, restaurant, library, dorm, art museum, airport, etc.).  Be as observant as possible. You are going to explore how cultural capital is symbolically evident in a variety of ways here.


Things to look at include but are not limited to:

  1. Arrangement of space (signs of hierarchy, comfort, symbolism)
  2. Details of décor
  3. Food
  4. Fonts
  5. Flooring, ceilings, etc
  6. Sounds
  7. Behavior of clients/participants/workers


Describe and analyze the ways in which the establishment performs verbal and nonverbal signs of cultural capital and status in relation to gender. You must explicitly use the idea of “cultural capital” in your analysis.



MLA references required

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